Just for Pets is a new and exciting addition to Arena Park. Opened in 2012, we come from a long heritage of pet shops and superstores, where we pride ourselves in excellent service and to promote good, responsible animal care.

Here at Coventry we have staff that are friendly, enthusiastic and above all, eager to help customer’s needs and requirements. We can provide service from nutritional advice to carrying out to the car, hutch building to harness fitting- don’t be afraid to ask. As pet lovers we can provide knowledge and experience to cater for your pets needs with all our staff having owned an animal, whether it be a hamster or a horse!

Our store is large and spacious allowing easy access around for large shopping or just general browsing. We provide a wide range of food and products and an ordering service for any special items. We take pride in having a clean and tidy store with bright displays, great promotions as well as access to trolleys and free parking.

In store we have a range of lovely furry cuteys such as hamsters, guniea-pigs and rabbits as well as a selection of birds from cockatiels to canaries. We also have a wide selection of colourful tropical and cold-water fish. All of our staff are trained in animal care so we give suitable advice for our animals and advice on how to set up the correct environment for them.

Having worked in the company for many years, starting off as a weekend part-timer, I have always been proud of how dedicated the staff are to their customers. I hope to continue this tradition of service within a store that is relaxing, vibrant and friendly.

We all look forward to seeing you and your furry friends soon. With the advantage of being able to bring pets in they can enjoy the experience too!

T: 02476 662 324

Opening Hours

Monday:9am - 8pm
Tuesday:9am - 8pm
Wednesday:9am - 8pm
Thursday:9am - 8pm
Friday:9am - 8pm
Saturday:9am - 7pm
Sunday:10.30am - 4.30pm