Festive Opening Times

Over the festive period, Arena will be open later so you can get everything you need right up until the big day.  Check out our opening hours for the Christmas season.

Please note that these hours may be subject to change and individual store opening times may vary.  If you’re visiting a particular store or dining venue, it’s always best to check with them before your visit.

Tesco Opening hours

Tesco’s opening hours will remain the same Mon-Sat 6am-midnight and Sundays 11am-5pm, except for the following key festive dates:

Christmas Eve (Sunday) – 10.30am-5pm
Christmas Day (Monday) – Closed
Boxing Day (Tuesday) – 9am-6pm
New Year’s Eve (Sunday) – 11am-5pm
New Year’s Day (Monday) – 9am-6pm

Arena Opening Hours

Monday 4 December 9am-8pm
Tuesday 5 December 9am-8pm
Wednesday 6 December 9am-8pm
Thursday 7 December 9am-8pm
Friday 8 December 9am-8pm
Saturday 9 December 9am-8pm
Sunday 10 December 10am-5pm
Monday 11 December 9am-8pm
Tuesday 12 December 9am-8pm
Wednesday 13 December 9am-8pm
Thursday 14 December 9am-8pm
Friday 15 December 9am-8pm
Saturday 16 December 9am-8pm
Sunday 17 December 10am-5pm
Monday 18 December 9am-9pm
Tuesday 19 December 9am-9pm
Wednesday 20 December 9am-9pm
Thursday 21 December 9am-9pm
Friday 22 December 9am-9pm
Saturday 23 December 9am-9pm
Sunday 24 December (Christmas Eve) 9am-6pm
Monday 25 December (Christmas Day) CLOSED
Tuesday 26 December 9am-8pm
Wednesday 27 December 9am-8pm
Thursday 28 December 9am-8pm
Friday 29 December 9am-8pm
Saturday 30 December 9am-8pm
Sunday 31 December (New Year’s Eve) 10am-5pm
Monday 1 January (New Year’s Day) 9am-6pm
Tuesday 2 January 9am-8pm
Wednesday 3 January 9am-8pm