Mowing The Lawn is Voted Coventry’s Favourite Gardening Activity!

The green fingered residents of Coventry have revealed that 42% of them would pick mowing the lawn as their favourite gardening activity in a new online survey by Arena Shopping Park!

Whilst mowing the lawn is often seen as a chore, it seems that the people of Coventry are bucking the trend and embracing their lawn mowers! 30% of people said caring for flowers would be blooming marvellous and 20% love growing their own fruit and veg.  Less popular gardening jobs were watering (6%) and houseplants were sadly neglected, as nobody picked caring for them as their favourite gardening activity! 98% of respondents had their own garden and 92% of those said that they enjoyed spending time looking after it.

The survey also looked at people’s gardening habits and how they’ve changed since the pandemic. An amazing 92% of people said that they have spent more time in their garden in recent times and 90% intend to spend more time there in the future, 38% of people currently spend between 1-2 hours in their garden per week, whilst 20% spend 6 hours of over per week tending to their beloved green spaces. 92% also said that they value their gardens more than they did prior to Covid-19.

It also seems that this love of gardening will be passed onto the next generation of Coventry kids with 78% saying they garden with their own children or grandchildren.

The survey was carried out online to celebrate Arena’s Free Summer Garden event taking place on Sunday 22 August (11am-4pm).  Mini gardeners will be welcomed into a magical indoor summer garden where they can decorate their very own plant pot. Then a team of green fingered helpers will let them fill their colourful creations with soil and seeds, so they can take them back home and watch their buds bloom! It’s the perfect way to encourage kids to get their hands dirty and re-connect with nature over the summer holidays!

Peter Hardingham, Centre Manager at Arena Shopping Park comments:

“Mowing the lawn used to be seen as a chore rather than a pleasure, so it’s great that the people of Coventry are embracing it as an essential part of looking after your garden and the exercise helps to keep you fit!  It’s so important for all of us to get out and enjoy everything the outdoors has to offer and it’s heartening that Coventry seems to be so enthusiastic about its gardens! We hope as many people as possible can bring their children along to Arena for a day of free green-fingered fun on Sunday 22 August for our Summer Garden event. The fun starts at 11.00am.”