Welcome to Decks Restaurant & Café
Take the weight off your feet and fill your boots with classic British favourites.
From full English breakfast and British roasts – with all the trimmings to cracking cakes served with a proper cuppa.
For wholesome, honest, real food eat at Decks.

Breakfast Deck
As they say, you should never start the day on an empty stomach. So be sure to drop by DECKS, where a hearty Full English awaits.

Roast Deck
The Great British roast, any way you like it. A choice of four classic meats and all the veg. gravy and sauces you can muster. Plus make your own deli-sandwiches with traditional or spicy sauces and a crisp salads for a lighter option.

Pastry Deck
Choose your own cake or make-your-own ice-cream sundae, you do the work but its all worth it, delicious.

Our manager is Sharon Crehan
Tel: 02476 661939

Opening Hours

Monday:8am - 8pm
Tuesday:8am - 8pm
Wednesday:8am - 8pm
Thursday:8am - 8pm
Friday:8am - 8pm
Saturday:8am - 8pm
Sunday:9.30am - 7pm